Rolling Mill

We provide large cold rolling mill services to preform anything we cut for you or as a stand alone service.  

Whether you need a short or long run of our production services, we have all the capabilities to cut and roll what you need when you need it.  

Working from a variety of plate material options, which we always have on hand; our rolling mill capabilities are limited only to the number of hours in a day.

With your design files fully prepared, or with our assistance in preparing them, we are able to walk you through the multitude of options and considerations when you contact us to request a quote.  

Another key feature to working with us is the high level of service we consider to be one of our feature benefits.  From your first conversation with us, you will realize that much of the value we provide is in how well we perform our work.  Our response and delivery times are unmatched and many of our clients have been with us for years because we treat them with respect and are willing to answer all questions they may have.

Design File Preparation & Submission for Press Brake & Rolling Mill

  • Drawing format (.DWG or .DXF extension) must be sent as a file to in 3 dimensions at 1:1 scale. It is not necessary to resubmit your drawings to us if we already have in our possession the version that you wish to have cut from a previous job.
    • We would like to receive all drawings in 3-D format with unfolded view and folded view ideally. Contact us for more information.

    • If you are also using our cutting services, send all your designs for cutting and bending at the same time.  This will allow us to program all the work at the same time and be more efficient.

    • Indicate on the drawings the main dimensions (dimensions and bending angles) in order to facilitate checks during production.

    • If the dimensions for a requested radius do not correspond to those of the tools we have on hand (punches and dies), we will perform the bending with the tools that will give results that are as close as possible to the desired measurements. *Note: FORESCO is not responsible for incorrect dimensions obtained as a result of incorrect calculations at the outset by customers.

    • Indicate clearly on your order which parts you wish to see folded.

  • Include within the digital drawings the type of material, thickness, finish, the direction of the finish and the grain (if necessary) as well as the revision number when editing the file. The side of the finish should be shown clearly, ideally the side seen on screen.

  • Identify all parts individually on all your documents with the help of unique numbers (order and file number). Also indicate the quantity and the unit price if a quote has already been issued. Attach a copy of our quote in your email.

  • Make sure to document on the order form and indicate in the digital drawings any necessary markings or engravings with the help of a different colour (preferably yellow or red) and as a separate layer within the file. Add a note to the drawing, if possible.

  • You must include your purchase order, it must be signed and bear a unique order number. Your full address, telephone number and final delivery address must also be included in both documents.

  • In summary, the three documents required to confirm your order with us are: 

    • Design file, unless we already have it from a previous order

    • Our quote
    • Your purchase order

If you need accurate cutting through laser or plasma, but have questions regarding the process Call Us; we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.