Whether you walk through our doors and order from the counter or call/email your request, we promise to respond with the personalized touch you wished others still provided.  If you are manufacturing something that is your own design or even if you need to recreate a replacement part that is no longer available, we are one of the first places you should contact to cut and shape the metal you will need.

Being a reliable partner is achieved through excellent service.

It’s first worth mentioning that most of our business occurs within an established geographic footprint simply because we’ve been around for a long time and most of our clients are also well established.  

Industrial operations require dependable service vendors to maximize production efficiency.  One of the reason for our longevity is related to our customer service focus knowing that we are a link in their manufacturing chain.  Our priority is accurate work and delivery estimates, all while remaining response to your needs.  You call, we answer.  You send an email, we respond with a solution to your question.  It’s simple, but it works.

Our main advantage looks like this: “Knowledgeable staff with a lot of experience, a large well managed inventory and the ability to manufacture a part when it cannot be bought.

One of the reasons we are able to respond so consistently to our clients is because we manage a large and active inventory, known to be reliable even when our competitors are not.  This makes us a key link for many of our client supply chains, but also an indispensable option for smaller operations and even residential consumers with smaller scale production needs.

If you’re not sure who can tackle your unique requirements, Call Uswe’re happy to do what others can’t.